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K2Workshops Home Repair Tools

Gift Cards

Give the gift of confidence and control over home improvement issues. K2Workshops gift cards are available in any amount and can be used for workshops or tools. To purchase a gift card, click here.

Tools to Buy

Skip the agonizing trip to the store to find the tools you need. We’ve done the research for you. We’ve packaged the tools that we use in our workshops, carefully selected for quality, value and versatility. With proper care, these tools will perform and last through years of home repair projects.


Our tool bag is a great way to store and organize your tools so that they’re at the ready for your home repair projects.

Price: $29.00

Basic Home Repair Toolkit

These hand tools are a great starter set and can be used for 90% of your home repair projects. This toolkit includes one of each: K2W Electrician's Bag, 3” Putty Knife, 10” Adjustable Wrench, Flashlight, 16 oz. Claw Hammer, Wire stripper/cutter/crimper, 7” Robogrips, 7” Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Utility Knife w/break away blades, Tape Measure, 6-in-1 Screwdriver.

Price: $119.00

How to Select Tools

Prefer to purchase the tools yourself? Here's what to look for.

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