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About K2Workshops

We believe that with hands-on instruction and the right learning environment, you are capable of handling your home improvement or repair challenges.

We initially created K2W to provide a safe, friendly and fun environment for women in the Kansas City area to learn home improvement skills. But we’ve come to understand that this same need exists for men. So we don’t see gender, only people eager to learn and feel empowered.

Maybe you’ve picked up a few tips along the way from parents or grandparents. Maybe you’ve never even picked up a hammer. Whatever your experience, we’re passionate about giving you the skills and confidence you need to say, “Yep, I did it myself!”

About Our Instructors

Krista Williamson
Though armed with a degree in graphic design, Krista has always been intrigued by the 3-D world. She poured that passion into an early career as a custom furniture and cabinet designer, and—after fully renovating two of her own homes—began to work more extensively as a professional contractor. Since then, she’s amassed an impressive portfolio of projects at the most advanced level. (From-the-bare-stud kitchen and bathroom renovations? Not bad!) Her skills encompass the full range of industry trades from carpentry to plumbing, electrical, finish work and interior design.

How Krista learned to do it herself:
“When I was 14, my dad decided to finish our basement. He gave my brother and me a brief lesson on how to hang and finish sheetrock, and then generally disappeared (smart guy). But we finished it, and I can remember that fantastic feeling of satisfaction and control. I’ve been at it ever since.”

Julie Lozano
While Julie’s professional career in the home improvement world spans a decade, her practical experience is approaching 30 years. She was the kid who disassembled the phone when her parents weren’t home and barely got it back together before they walked in the door. Forever a serial fixer, she moved from small electronics to installing plumbing and electrical fixtures and laying tile and carpet by the time she was 16. Did we also mention she can fix anything with an engine?

How Julie learned to do it herself:
“I’ve always been driven to discover how things work, why they break, and—most importantly—how I can fix it. Over the years, the most important realization I’ve come to is that the average person can be extremely capable with just a bit of guidance."

Brian Berg
Inspired by the purchase of his first home, Brian was drawn into the retail home improvement business in 1998. Now, with a successful career and a bigger house to play with, Brian still believes in fixing it yourself and teaching others to do the same. Brian has done work in electrical, plumbing, kitchen and bath design, millwork, lumber, paint and a slew of related home improvement projects.

How Brian learned to do it himself:
“Once we signed that mortgage and I started my first project, I knew home improvement was for me. Now, my passion knows no bounds. After our third child, we started looking for a replacement to our lovely but small starter home. I found a real estate flyer of a rough looking, two-story house with missing sections of deck rail. But it had good bones! Guess what I am working on now?”

About Our Consultants

Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor has been in the real estate business for nearly 20 years. She enjoys working with her clients whether she is helping them sell a home or assisting them in finding their next home to purchase. Her goal is to make the transaction as stress free as possible for all parties involved from the initial listing presentation or home search to the closing. Her clients trust her expertise and knowledge, and for that reason most of her business is referral based.

She has helped several clients from their first home purchase to their second and third. With the changing economy it makes sense now more than ever to become educated in the process of home buying and selling, home ownership and home maintenance, and to utilize professionals to guide you through the experience.

Clay Lyon
Owner of Lyon Design, Clay Lyon has been constructing and remodeling homes since 1987.

He earned a degree in science and mathematics from Colorado State University in 1986, then moved to Portland, Oregon, where he owned and operated a residential remodeling company with an emphasis on restoring older homes. He also worked in real estate development and residential energy conservation. You can view examples of his work at www.lyondesign.biz.

Clay assists K2W in the development of resource materials for our workshop participants. His experience in the field of remodeling and construction is invaluable as we strive to provide the most accurate and understandable reference materials available to DIYers.

The K2W Guarantee

If you have taken a workshop and you're in need of a refresher or you feel rusty, you may retake the entire workshop or any portion of it at no cost within six months of your original workshop date.

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